Ground Up Builders Remodels Pasadena Kitchen

Ground Up Builders was excited to work with Lois B. from Pasadena, CA to remodel his kitchen.

Lofty white cabinets, a quartz countertop and a cork flooring were just a few of the features we planned for this project. Since this kitchen is on the ground level, we wanted to make sure there was plenty of light coming in from the big windows.

We started by removing all the old kitchen cabinets and then prepping for new ones that would fit into the space left over from removing the old ones. We installed shaker-style shaker-style cabinets in a soft oak finish from Global Cabinets Company in Los Angeles, CA. Next up were the quartz countertops, which we ordered from a stone supplier in Los Angeles, CA. We also installed new under-cabinet lighting to brighten up the space. We also removed some of the window trimming, framed out the windows and added some insulation for increased efficiency and increased energy savings.

To finish off this kitchen remodel, we installed a cork flooring. The cork flooring we used is from a top notch Los Angeles supplier. They offer a variety of different colors and models to choose from and we selected the one that matched the cabinets and counters perfectly.

And so we wrapped up this kitchen remodeling project with a new kitchen! This kitchen now has plenty of natural light thanks to the big windows and cabinets that add ample storage space. The countertops are durable and easy to clean and the cork flooring is comfortable for walking around in.


Pasadena, CA 91101, USA
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