Since Ventura enjoys an abundance of sunshine, many homeowners are using it to their advantage and installing a quality home solar system. By installing one of these solar systems, homeowners could end up cutting their energy bill by as much as $142 per month. Implementing one of these cost-effective systems around the home could be just what is needed to start saving money in Ventura County. Just check out the rooftop system installed on this ranch-style home with an inclined composite shingle roof.

Choosing the Right Photovoltaic System for Your Home

One of the first things the homeowner had to do was determine what type of panels they wanted on their home. To do this, our team went around and assessed the property to come up with a plan that was in the best interest of the homeowner. We wanted to make sure that the components of the system were properly sized and matched to accommodate the homeowner’s individual needs.

We discussed all of the different products and warranties available from the different manufacturers. This allowed the homeowner to make an informed decision based on which solar panel system was going to best work for them. Even after choosing panels, our team still had to confirm that the equipment chosen met the requirements outlined by the building officials. In the end, this Ventura County homeowner ended up choosing photovoltaic panels for their home.

Laying Out the New Home System in Ventura

Once the panels choice was finalized, we developed a layout to ensure the rooftop system was going to maximize solar energy and help the homeowner cut their energy bills significantly. Our team then went to work installing the solar panels in a timely and efficient manner. We worked with the homeowner to make sure they were informed of the process and what to expect. They were encouraged to ask questions if there was something they didn’t understand or simply wanted to clarify further. Our goal is to provide our customers with the level of service they deserve, which is exactly what we did for this homeowner with their on roof system.

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