We Are Your Ideal Energy Partner

At Ground Up Builders, we have been paving the way to a new and improved solar energy system for quite some time. Our renowned approach to creating a positive impact in the community and the environment is what makes us a leader in the industry. There isn’t another solar energy company who has been able to provide the complete package like we do.

Leading Sustainability

We thrive on making a positive impact in all we do. Solar energy systems are leading the way in sustainability by creating the only cradle to cradle designation throughout the entire industry. We are working hard to empower communities by educating individuals and business owners about clean, affordable energy systems. When you invest in solar energy, you are investing in making a positive impact in the ecosystem that extends beyond just the here and now. We get the community involved by providing education and jobs to those looking to make a difference.

Innovative Solutions

It all starts with world-record setting technology. The solar energy systems of today constantly deliver the most advanced solutions and products to meet the demands of the customer. With custom financing options and progressive sustainability, you can rest assured that you will get just what you need in your new solar energy system. The systems are tailored to meet your individual wants and needs. There are local and federal rebates and programs to help you save even more on the cost of installation. Our top-notch customer service team is happy to answer any questions you might have.

Proven Experience

When you deal with Ground Up Builders, you aren’t dealing with someone who is new to the industry. You are dealing with someone who has extensive experience installing and designing solar energy systems. Our approach to customer service and years of experience have netted us countless happy customers. As solar world certified installers, we have garnered a reputation on Yelp, Angie’s List, BBB and CSLB for being a top leadership team with ample industry experience.

Long-Term Value

When you turn your new solar energy system on, you will begin generating energy right then and there. Our systems have provided countless individuals just like you with a way to save money and give back to the environment. The panels have a 25-year warranty, which is the best in the industry. Combine some of the best products with a top warranty and exclusive financing options to get a system that you don’t want to do without. Our company has been around for quite a few years already, and we don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. Trust in someone with a solid foundation for providing you with a solar energy system and custom financing plan to meet your needs.