Powerful Financing Choices

For Ground up Builders' customers, these options have been of great benefit.

One of the ways to get a new solar energy system installed is by getting a personal loan. This allows you to own your system and pay for the loan over the course of time. The payment on the loan and any remaining utility bill is still less than what you were paying for your energy bill alone. You also get to take advantage of the local incentives and solar tax credit. Loans can range from one year on up to help lower your monthly payments. You can always pay your loan off early without incurring penalties.

Pace allows you to borrow as much as 15% of your home’s value with a low interest rate spread out over the course of 20 years. This local community program allows homeowners to make their home more energy efficient and repay the loan through your property tax bill. It doesn’t affect your credit score and there are no upfront costs. The total cost of the project is financed for you. You might even be able to deduct the interest paid on the loan. If you sell the home, the balance is easily transferable to the new homeowner.

The easiest way to own your system is to take out a home equity loan and purchase the system outright. You can deduct the purchase on your taxes and begin saving every month on your energy bill.

There is also the option of leasing your new equipment. You pay a monthly fee to rent the equipment and use the energy produced. Many times the lease payment and leftover utility bill are less than what the original energy bill was. Your system is guaranteed for 20 years, so you never have to worry about anything out of your own pocket if it breaks down. If you sell the home, you can transfer the lease to the new owner.

Financial Benefits To Going Solar

  • Beyond getting a lower utility bill, you can also take advantage of tax incentives, rebates and credits. Make sure to check out the database of local, state, federal and utility incentives. Schedule your free consultation with us to make sure you don’t miss out on any possible savings.
  • Resale values are going through the roof.
  • A recent study in California estimates that you can increase resale value of your home by more than $5,000 for every kilowatt you add. That could be more than enough to cover the cost of the system.

There are a number of different factors that come into play when it comes to saving money with solar. The equipment used, the size of the system, insulation available, solar panel orientation and overall shading, rate structure and overall utility rates from your provider. The number of rebates and incentives you are eligible for will also help reduce the cost. Since everyone is different, the savings are going to vary accordingly. 

Are you ready to calculate how much you could be saving?

Save Money
& the Planet
at the Same Time

Oftentimes, homeowners would put off making the switch to solar energy for fear of not being able to afford the high installation and down payment required.