Solar systems in Sylmar can take advantage of 28% more sun, making them a solid investment for any homeowner. The average rooftop home solar system could save you as much as $150 every month. Beyond saving you money, they are also extremely reliable. Check out this Los Angeles County homeowner’s story on how they went from traditional energy to solar energy.

Marianne’s Story

Marianne has been a homeowner for quite some time. Over the years, things have broken down and left her with a hefty repair bill. She was tired of always getting components for her home that couldn’t deliver on what they said they could. Because of this, she started looking for something that was going to help her save money without the fear of the component breaking down before its time. Essentially, she wanted something that was going to give her the guaranteed performance she desired.

It was then that she stumbled upon solar energy systems in Sylmar. She was curious, but still skeptical. When she called our team at Ground Up Builders, we scheduled a time to come out and go over everything with her. We explained that the typical panels come with a 20-25-year warranty straight from the manufacturer. If something were to happen to the system, she would be taken care of within no time.

This performance guarantee was crucial for her because of all the hassles she had with other products over the years. We also explained that the industry standard for solar panels guarantee that you are going to get 80% performance even after the 25-year mark, meaning she can still enjoy the savings long after the guarantee wears off. In fact, the average solar system in Sylmar will continue functioning and generating energy for a good 30-40 years in the future.

After going over everything with Marianne, she was ready to have her new rooftop system installed. Once we got her new panels installed, she was able to begin saving money each month and enjoying the peace of mind that comes with the performance guarantee on her new home solar system. If you are interested in having one of these ingenious solar systems installed on your home, contact our team today.

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