California gets ample amounts of sun each day making it a great location for solar panels in Valencia. After all, you might as well take advantage of one of the most available resources around you and use it to your advantage. Many of these home solar systems can help you save as much as six kilowatts of energy per day. Over the course of a month, the savings can really start adding up. Check out what this Los Angeles County homeowner was able to do with their savings.

Bob and Molly’s Story

Bob and Molly were the proud parents of twin teenage daughters. They worked hard to give them the things they wanted in life, but they were getting a little worried about how they were going to pay for their college tuition. Having two heading off to college at the same time was a little overwhelming to say the least. That’s when Bob and Molly started searching for ways that they could save over the next couple of years. When Molly stumbled upon our website at Ground Up Builders, she was intrigued. After some discussion, they scheduled a time for us to come out and discuss their options.

We came out and figured out what was going to work the best for their specific needs. Once they knew how much they could save each month, it was a no-brainer that this was going to be a great solution for them. Our team went to work installing the new solar system in Valencia for them right away. Within that first month alone, they were able to save almost $500 on their energy bill.

With the amount of money they are saving each month, they will be able to have a decent amount saved up for their daughter’s college education when they get ready to head off in a couple of years. Not only does this alleviate some of the stress for the future, but it also helps them save money in the here and now. All in all, this was a great investment for Bob and Molly.

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