Anyone living in sunny California understands how much solar panels in Mission Viejo can help cut down on their energy bill. This area gets ample amounts of sun every day, making it a prime location for those who are looking for a way to start saving money right now. When you have new panels installed on your home, you can start taking advantage of the savings immediately. You don’t have to sit around waiting months to start getting some of your money back. That’s why this Orange County homeowner had them installed on her home.

Melissa’s Story

Melissa was someone who was looking for ways to not only save money now, but also for the future. She was tired of always trying to figure out ways to cut corners just to save a few bucks. Her goal was to find something that could help her save a few hundred dollars each month without feeling like she was shorting herself during the month. When she first discovered our website at Ground Up Builders, she wasn’t sure if this was the answer she was looking for or not, but she decided to call anyway.

We sent a team member out to go over everything with Melissa and explain the process and rebates available to her. She quickly understood just how much she was going to save and knew this was definitely the solution she needed. That’s when we went to work installing her new solar system in Mission Viejo for her.

The first month alone Melissa was able to cut her energy bill by more than $400. This was way more than what she had planned. She couldn’t be happier with the savings she is receiving now. Instead of trying to worry about how she was going to save money for the future, she has more than enough to put aside each month and all because of her new rooftop system. This wasn’t just an investment for the here and now. It was also an investment for the future that is going to continue paying Melissa back for years to come.

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