When trying to plan ahead for the things that come along in life, many people don’t realize that solar panels in Los Angeles could be just the thing they need to start saving money today. When you have an abundance of sun available to you, the power of these panels is astonishing. You could save yourself over $200 every month just by having them installed on your home. Take a look at this Los Angeles County homeowners story and how his system helped him pay for his honeymoon.

Brian’s Story

When Brian met Sarah, it was love at first sight. It wasn’t long before Brian proposed and they started planning for their wedding and honeymoon. However, all of the expenses added up a little quicker than Brian had anticipated. He knew he needed to save money right now. With the wedding date only six months away, he wanted something that was going to give him immediate results. When his friend told him how much he saved with solar panels in Los Angeles, Brian figured he had nothing to lose and gave our team at Ground Up Builders a call.

With solar energy, you don’t have to worry about paying a bill each month for your energy usage. You often get one bill at the end of the year. That meant Brian didn’t have to spend the $500-700 per month on his bill that he had been all along. He knew this was the answer he had been looking for, so he asked us to get to work installing his new panels right away. Our team of professional installers made sure we got his new system installed quickly for him.

In just six months, Brian was able to save close to $4,000. That was more than enough money to travel where he and his new bride wanted to go for their honeymoon. Now, he and his new wife get to enjoy the savings that came with the new rooftop system and got to enjoy spending time together in their dream location. It was the best move Brian ever made.