Solar panels in Lancaster are a great way to help you start cutting down on your expenses every month. Beyond being able to store energy from the sun, many energy companies get billed annually for the cost of their energy. This is because it isn’t exactly easy to determine how much energy is going to be used versus what the system is going to store at the end of the month. This Los Angeles County homeowner used her new panels to fund her dream vacation.

Sandy’s Story

Sandy had worked for the same company for the past 10 years. Even though she made decent money, she never could get enough saved to go on the vacation of her dreams. Her goal was to be able to spend a couple weeks traveling abroad and seeing some of the different sights that Europe had to offer. To do so, she was going to need to save a decent amount of money. That’s when she started looking into things that she could do around her home to cut down on her expenses. When her friend told her about their new solar system in Lancaster, she determined that might be what she needed to get ahead.

Sandy called us at Ground Up Builders and asked us to come out and evaluate her home to determine if she was in a good position to benefit from panels. We figured out what she needed to be able to meet her goals and went to work getting everything set up for her as quickly as we could. It wasn’t long before her new system was up and running and she was able to eliminate her energy bill. Now, Sandy pays one bill at the end of the year, which often isn’t much at all thanks to all of the energy her new rooftop system is storing for her.

Sandy was able to make her trip to Europe after just one year of having her new solar system in Lancaster installed. She couldn’t be happier with the decision she made to turn to solar energy.

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