Many people are worried that solar panel installation in Studio City is going to be a long and drawn out process. Because of this, they often end up discounting the benefits that come from these systems. When you get as much sunshine as you do in California, it makes sense to have panels installed around your home. Even though you might believe the process is complicated, it doesn’t have to be when you have a quality team working on your side. Check out the recent installation we did for this Los Angeles County homeowner.

Jessie’s Story

Jessie was looking for something to help cut down on her monthly expenses. She had heard about solar energy from her co-workers, but she never really embraced the idea because it sounded like it was going to take a lot of time and energy that she just didn’t have right now. Essentially, she wanted something simple and effective, without having to wait forever to see results. Since her friends kept bragging about the benefits, she started looking into solar panel installation in Studio City.

When she called us at Ground Up Builders, she had a lot of questions about the procedure and what all it entailed. We spent time explaining it to her and going over everything in detail. Our goal was to make the installation process as quick as we possibly could, while still adhering to all of the building codes for the area. It didn’t take us long to get everything up and running for Jessie. Once she was wired in to her new panels, she was able to start capturing the power of the sun and reducing her energy bill.

She is now saving close to $500 every month on her energy bill, which is a big difference compared to what she thought it would be. The solar panel installation in Studio City was quick and painless. Jessie now knows that it wasn’t as complicated as some people made it out to be. Anytime she runs into someone who wants to save money, she tells them about her experience with solar energy.

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