Ground Up Builders, a Solar Installer serving Agoura Hills (and most elsewhere in Southern California) recently completed a solar installation project for the Teitelbaum family. Here's the story as Mr. Teitelbaum tells it:

"My wife and I have strived all our property-owning lives to avoid major subcontractors, for all the reasons you would imagine. They're too big, too expensive, not concerned with individual clients' welfare so much as getting them done with -- you know the routine. Not so GroundUp. After a great deal of research, I took a flyer on their owner, Uzi, and his well-intended and comported staff. We installed a full solar array -- no mean feat. They finished the work in a bit over a day. The result wasn't just efficient -- it was art, especially when they found themselves having to redo a crumbling roof in the process. Their work was impeccable, reasonably priced, and together, we put the boot to the power company, which just goes on its merry way upping rates at 5 percent a year. And which, by the end of the year, intends on hiking rates during heavy-use periods rather than simply by the hour. Which means folks will see their$150 a month A.C. surcharge double by next summer. It's been three months and I owe the power company squat. In fact, they owe me a credit of some $235 for the month. If you have any doubts, ask Uzi for my number -- I am happy to give personal tours. That is, if you can manage to see anything -- the 20 or so panels I bought are so expertly tucked away you need a ladder or drone to see them.

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