When you get 30 percent more sun here than anywhere else, it makes sense to install a solar system in Yucaipa. The average homeowner uses more than 550 kilowatts of energy each month, which is what makes solar energy such a necessity. These systems can help you save as much as six kilowatt hours of energy per day, the equivalent of 180 hours every month. Just imagine how much you could do with an extra $150-160 every month. Worried that you aren’t going to save enough money? Check out this San Bernardino County install we recently did.

Matt’s Story

Matt was all about being able to save money wherever he could. He was someone who tried to find the best deals on everything. His main goal was to be able to save up enough money to buy a classic sports car. With energy bills soaring well above $500 every month, Matt knew he needed to figure out a way to make a difference in his energy bill. That’s when Matt contacted our team at Ground Up Builders to discuss some of the options available to him with a new solar energy system in Yucaipa.

Our solar installer came out to Matt’s home and started going over everything with him. We explained how much a new system would cost, what incentives and rebates were available to him and how much he could save each month on his bill. Matt went through a few of the different options available and finally settled on one that was going to work best for his pocketbook. We went to work installing his new system quickly so he could begin saving money.

Now, Matt has a new system installed on his home and is saving almost $200 every month on his energy bill. Even though he is paying for the cost of his new solar system in Yucaipa, he is still coming out ahead on the savings. Once his system is paid off, the savings are going to stack up even more. Since there are a number of incentives and rebates available, Matt will have his system paid off in no time and be that much closer to his dream car.

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