Many people are turning to solar energy in Riverside. When you can save $150 on your monthly bill and enjoy bills of less than $100, there is no reason why you shouldn’t look into having one of these home solar energy systems installed in your Riverside County home. With 28 percent more sun in this city than anywhere else, you can take advantage of as much as six kilowatts of energy every day with your new home system.

Carol’s Story

Carol first heard about solar energy in Riverside from one of her friends. They told her about how much money they were saving on their monthly energy bill and all of the benefits that came with going green. However, she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to afford a new system. She knew she wanted to have one installed to help reduce her monthly energy bill, but she wasn’t sure what options were out there for her to be able to afford the new panels.

When she first contacted us at Ground Up Builders, we scheduled a time to come out to her home and go over all of the different incentives available to her. While there used to be a cap on the Federal Solar Tax Credit, that credit has been lifted. This allows you to get 30 percent back on what you spent on system installation and equipment costs.

If you purchase a new system costing $25,000, you could save an extra $7,500 in incentives. When you factor in local and state rebates and the various Solar Renewable Energy Credits, you could end up cutting the cost of your new panels by half.

Once Carol learned about all of these incentives, she knew that she had nothing to lose by getting her new rooftop system installed. That’s when we scheduled the installation and walked her through the process of taking advantage of her new solar energy system in Riverside. Now, Carol has a renewable source of energy installed on her home and she got to take advantage of all the savings that were available to her, making it a win-win solution.

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