We didn't say that, they did! Honestly...

What’s Ground Up Builders really like? Homeowners share why they chose us and how that decision had changed their lives for the better.

“I was referred to Ground Up Builders by a friend that already had a solar system installed by them so my expectations were high to begin with. Still I was surprised by the efficiency and communication level I enjoyed. Got consistent updates about everything and always had someone to call. Had a minor set back with the city which was resolved next day. I'm very happy with the work and already sent more friends to them.”

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Robert A.

“Very happy with the installation of the solar system I had installed by Ground Up Builders. The crew was very professional. Answered all my question when asked. Received consistent updates about everything that was going on. Always had someone to call if I had a question. Everyone involved was very nice. I would recommend Ground Up Builders to my family and friends. Thank you again.”

Location: Santa Maria, CA

Phyllis J.

“WOW!!!! What a great experience. I had Ground Up add solar panels to my existing system. The process was much smoother and faster then I had with the other company. Dan my sales contact is outstanding stood by me all the way through the process. If you choose Ground Up you will be nothing but satisfied. Thanks again Dan and the ground up team.”

Location: Fontana, CA

Sam S.

“One day we found water dripping down soggy walls in our guest bathroom, and the nightmare began. Through our insurance, various ‘experts’ came and looked, made holes and tried to find the cause. I was whining about everything at work, when a friend told me ‘you should talk to my contractor! He is absolutely amazing. Here is his number; his name is Uzi’. And just like that, the nightmare ended! Somehow, Uzi was able to get right to the problem leaving the other guys still scratching their heads. He and his team fixed the leak and rebuilt the bathroom on time and within budget. Uzi was always pleasant and seemed genuinely interested in making sure that we came up with the best design and best materials at the most affordable prices. We ended up with the most gorgeous bathroom! Of course there is always a downside. In this case, the downside was that Uzi and his team were so wonderful, that we decided to add on a few more projects to their work load. Somehow, everything was again completed beautifully, on time, on budget and with that personal touch that is so hard to find. We plan to eventually remodel the other rooms, kitchen and deck, and there is only one person that I will call: Uzi Ray @ Ground Up Builders.”

Location: Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Dr. Sarah Badran, MD

“Uzi and his 'Groundup Builders' will definitely be our contractor for any house work needs we may have in the future. We just finished remodeling our new home with him and, what in previous occasions and with other builders ended up being a nightmare, with Uzi it has been the most pleasant of experiences. He (and his whole team of people working different specialties) has been extremely professional and serious about work, while at the same time the nicest people to work with. After seeing them work and listening to Uzi's advice and suggestions for a while we had complete piece of mind leaving the house in their hands, knowing that while we were at work the job was being done at top quality level, all of it while being considerate and respectful to both ourselves and our neighbors -and- meeting their estimates in terms of both time and money. He was always there to listen to our ideas or concerns, he -always- picked up the phone when we needed him, and he always had the right answer or solution he would then perfectly apply. Even after the job was fully completed he came to our house just to have a final check on everything and make sure everything had been done to our complete satisfaction (and indeed it had been, to the last detail). We couldn't recommend Uzi enough, he and his fantastic team are the people you want to have around the house for this type of work, taking care of every detail for the very best results at all levels.”

Location: Tujunga, CA

Marcos and Alfi Mateu

“We purchased a home and land that was functioning as a business property. The home was built in 1962 and the roof was in bad shape. We did not know the extent till a serious rain storm hit. Prior to the rain, we did our best to repair, re-paint, and even had the ceiling re-textured getting it ready for our business move. Everything looked great until that rain. The evidence of the roof's poor condition was all around the house. Large water stains throughout indicated we had a problem. I contacted various businesses requesting an evaluation and estimate. Uzi was the only contractor that demonstrated a thorough understanding of what needed to be done. He was the only contractor that actually looked in the attic (one company based their estimate on looking at my property through Google Earth!) We had Ground Up Builders replace our roof, re-insulate the attic, and remove a section of a poorly constructed patio. I am very satisfied with the quality and cost of the repair. Uzi even came back after work was done and installed wall-socket plate foam insulation. I highly recommend Ground Up Builders.”

Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Mark R.

“I had been having a lot of trouble with the city of Glendale for about five years over an unpermitted bedroom and bathroom. Rooms that were already there when I purchased the property. I failed to get a variance to be able to keep the two rooms. So I was going to have to remove them. A neighbor down the street ironically was having a bedroom and bathroom built. I would go down there every day on my walk. Ground Up builders was doing the construction. I met Uzi who is the owner of Ground Up. I told him about the problem I had with the city and he came up to look the situation over. I hired him to demolish the rooms and to do the construction to match the tear down with the existing structure that was left. Uzi dealt with the city getting all the required permits and handled every aspect of the demo. His crew was very professional and polite. They cleaned up every day before they left. Uzi was here every day to see the progress and to see what needed to be done. He took me shopping to pick out certain items that I needed, such as a door and some outside lights. He even had a doggie door installed in my new door. I can't believe the whole project was done in about 3 weeks. Uzi was always there to answer any questions that I might have. Was always available and always returned calls very promptly. I would definitely recommend Ground Up Builders for any kind of construction or remodels or like in my case, tear downs. Last thing, after everything was complete he even bought a ramp for my dog so she could get out of her doggy door easier.”

Location: Glendale, CA

Richard and Myrtle Wildason

Customer Solar Success Storie

“I went ahead with ground up builders from the simple reason that they analyzed my need before the solar project. My house was built back in the 1950's and was so inefficient that I was wasting so much consumption $$$ of electricity because of that.

Going solar would be the best way to go. But, I ended up doing a smaller solar system+attic insulation. first they audited my house to see what's need to be done for the best energy efficient as far as dual pain Windows, doors, attic insulation etc.

No doubt, the best customer service and best reputable company.

Adi, the field supervisor was very honest and a straight forward guy. I appreciate that, and for sure found my general contractor also for my future wish list. My neighbor will be contacting them soon too! Go Ground Up...”

Location: Cypress, CA

Kristin N

“I have considered going solar over the past year, all the neighbors seem to be going that direction so I figured I would find out what the big deal was. I reached out to about half a dozen companies and met with 3, and Ground Up Builders was the clear choice, and have made the process painless. They were professional, helpful and answered every question I had. The install is almost done, we should be up and running in a week! Looking forward to producing my own electricity, and actually turning the pool heater on this summer!”

Location: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Jacob Y

“Very professional, reliable and honest !! 

My wife and I have been working with Tim at ground up and for a couple of years now, and have nothing short of amazing customer service !!  We had a couple of projects that we wanted to do , we didn't even know where to start ..  No worries tho Tim and his team at ground up exceeded our expectations !!!”

Location: Palm Springs, CA

Chris S

“Ground Up Builders installed solar panels on my home.  We are very satisfied with the level of service they provided and the awesome results. The installation went smoothly, they paid attention to detail, they stuck to the schedule they provided, and kept us informed every step of the way.  The panels look awesome and the return on investment is excellent.”

Location: Lancaster, CA

Ammar H

“I was shopping around for a new roof and I called Ground Up Builders after reading a few yelp reviews, not only were they friendly but they had fair pricing for qualify material and work. Now that the roof is done we are going solar with them as well! We found a company we can trust and we definitely would recommend them to family and friends! It's hard to find a contractor you can trust, and hands down I can trust Ground Up Builders.”

Location: San Jose, CA

Ariel J

“Very grateful we found an honest reliable solar company to complete our solar installation, after purchasing our first home two years ago our utility bills were ranging from 4-600 a month. We met with Uzi he explained the solar process and went over our solar options. We had our solar installed and up and running in no time. His staff was very friendly and kept us informed every step of the way. We have to say it was the best investment we could have made. Thanks ground up builders for making our switch to solar easier than we expected.”

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Maria M

“We interviewed 5 companies for our solar system and narrowed it down to 2, we heard of Ground Up Builders and figured why not get another opinion. FINALLY our decision was clear. Uzi was a wonderful, extremely helpful, and knowledgeable. He really went above and beyond to make sure we had all the tools available to make the most informed decision. Price: affordable and competitive along with all-inclusive warranties and a very CLEAR contract with no hidden verbiage. Service: timeline was followed, all workers were professional, timely, and great to work with. Follow-up: all questions were answered in a timely manner, all possible issues were addressed immediately, service was simply great from start to finish and even after. Edison was slow to get us the permission to operate BUT I didn't have to do a thing, the wonderful project management team did all the back-and-forth work with them to get us up and running as quickly as possible. I would highly recommend Ground Up Builders to anyone looking into solar!!”

Location: Santa Monica, CA

Brian K

Shantel R – Moorpark, CA

“If you are thinking about installing Solar panels, I have a referral for you! We recently purchased a new home here in peach Hill and used the same Solar company we used for our last home...they are "Ground Up Builders." They are a family owned company and I have nothing but great things to say about both of our installs! The process was extremely easy and smooth and the customer service is amazing! They truly care about their company and make sure everything falls into place perfectly. They do everything for you...I cant stress enough how easy the whole process is.

I had installed the same solar panels last year on our other home and have had absolutely no problems with those either! This time was exactly the same...superb customer service and a sigh of relief. They all have great customer service and use professional installers. If you ever have any questions go ahead and ask, as I will always refer them personally and professionally! They have also been notarized on "the best of the best in the Nation" TV series!

Here is the link for their website as well as the TV series raving about the company: groundupbuilders.com

Here is the Salesperson I used this last time....he was fantastic and he will take care of you throughout your entire project.!”

Sharon A – Covina, CA

“Well, after having a good experience with the solar and the roof. Me and my sister really wanted the back yard to be redone with artificial grass and gravel etc. So, ground up builders again gave us a good deal of getting it done within our budget. and they really made it so good that it turned out better then we expected. Adi, the field manager came up with really good design ideas. He did work with our needs and wants, and had great suggestions during the process. He was always with us to make sure everything went well and as we wanted. The installers made it on time everyday, cleaned up after every day of work, they were prompt and took pride of their work. And it was done faster then expected. Again me and my sister nancy are very much satisfied with the results and ground up customer service. If there is anything that you are thinking of getting done at your home with peace of mind from the ground up, I will highly recommend ground up builders. And a special thanks to Adi for taking a good care of us down the line...”

Steven F – Los Angeles, CA

“Ground Up Builders promised to submit the necessary paperwork to LADWP for my Solar Rebate and said that it could take up to a year for LADWP to actually made good on the rebate promise.

Ground Up must have bugged the heck out of LADWP on my behalf because I got my rebate check yesterday - and it only took two months!  Considering my personal experiences with LADWP in the past, I have to give credit to Ground Up Builders for making this happen because I expected getting money out of LADWP to require about as much pressure as making a diamond out of a lump of coal!

Way to go, Ground Up Builders!”

D. R. – Upland, CA

“Great customer service. Compared multiple interest rates from several loan companies. Quick installation. Helped us at 5 am. and on a Sunday with roof issue. Heather was wonderful.”

Rich J – Sun Valley, CA

“These guys were great! They were professional, direct and a very very well done job! They re-did our neighbors roof and fixed their solar panels that were messed up from a different company. Alex was extremely helpful and gave them an amazing deal!!! I strongly suggest going thru them if you need any work done on your house :) We are!”

May B – Woodland Hills, CA

“I wanted to go on record by thanking you and your crew for the fine work done installing our new solar panels. I am very satisfied with the job done by Ground Up Builders. Uzi, the owner, answered the phone and he was at my house with his team later the same day. He gave me a free estimate and we were ready to start work later that week. The price was slightly higher than another company I had come out, but I was comfortable w Uzi's honesty and knowledge of the solar product.

great work our roof top looks just right and our energy bill is down 85% which is amazing. I'm sure it will continue to decrease. Thank You very much Ground Up Builders!”

T.S. – Upland, CA

“I have changed my review to reflect what I believe is an exemplary owner of a company who truly cares about his business and the satisfaction of their potential and current clients. Uzi reached out and I'm satisfied with the prompt handling of my prior dissatisfaction.

I do want to want to note that Tom came dressed neatly and professionally with an organized binder chock full of pertinent information for your home remodeling needs. This company was one of the only ones to offer information on major rebates for jobs you were already planning to do for your home.

I will keep Ground Up Builders in my book for the future- thank you Uzi.”

Linzi S – Garden Grove, CA

“Three cheers for GROUND UP BUILDERS, a reliable, professional, well rounded construction company.  We'll happily rate them a 5 Star company for a solar job very well done. 

Their representative, Gregg L, was the greatest throughout the entire process of installing our solar panels, dealing with the city and So Cal Edison to get everything properly completed.

Several teams from Ground Up Builders worked on different stages of the solar panel installation.  Each team was knowledgeable, professional and courteous. 

Gregg himself was there for us anytime we had a question.  We never hesitated to call Gregg to have something explained or re-explained because we came to know he would be willing and pleasant anytime we called on him.

Our experience with Ground Up Builders was a pleasure from start to finish.  We highly recommend Ground Up Builders.

Ask for Gregg Lto be your representative.  He will take care of you throughout your entire project.”

Brianna J – Moorpark, CA

“I hired these guys to install my solar panels in my house. My electricity bill has been basically nonexistent since I've switched over. I've been pleasantly surprised with the customer service. I highly recommend Ground Up Builders. Switch over to solar!!!”

Steffy C. – Culver City, CA

“So happy I heard about this place from my friends who come here. They made the whole process easy and now I have virtually no electric bill. My friend initially got her unit last year and now she receives credit back from DWP. I can't wait to be at that point! Come to these guys and I guarantee they will treat you right!”

Anthony M – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“In the last few weeks had some work done on our house through the HERO program,  to include new roof, insulation, solar, and a new variable speed pool pump.

The contractor used by HERO was Ground Up Builders,  owner Uzi Zaray.  Couldn't be more pleased with the work they did and the timely manner in which they completed each aspect of the job.  Work crews were always on time, finished the jobs in estimated time frame and cleaned up any resulting debris from whatever job they were doing.

Uzi kept us informed every step of the way.   Any questions we had were answered in a timely manner, including weekends.

Ground Up Builders did an excellent job and I would use them again for the next project.

Thank you Uzi.”

Ed A – Studio City, CA

“Ground Up Builders were a pleasure to work with very professional people and on top of everything they had an answer and solution to every question i had and were so happy to help.   They installed solar panels for us and i will recommend them to anyone!”

Terrina S – Los Angeles, CA

“Uzi and his team where amazing to work with.  Very knowledgeable and patient with us on decisions and flexible with us on changes.  Workers were very friendly and worked in a timely manner to make sure job was done on time and every task completed. Uzi was very knowledgeable and offered suggestions on alternative solutions and offered ways to cut costs.  We were very satisfied with the work, professionalism and attention to detailed offered us.  I would highly recommend Ground Up Builders for your next home project.”

Mikhail M – Los Feliz, CA

“I always thought solar panels were a great idea and finally had a chance to learn more through Ground Up Builders. I'm down for saving money and energy so this was the best way to go! I was comfortable working with them and recommend them to my friends and family. Going solar is definitely one of the best decisions to make.”

Annie G – Los Angeles, CA

“Really loved the customer service and efficiency, especially since I have 2 young children. I have already recommended them to my family.”

Brooke T – Granada Hills, CA

“They deserve 10 stars!!!  Heck even 100 stars!!  They eliminated my electric bill, now I have extra money I can save or even splurge!!  Great guys here very friendly crew providing a fantastic service.  Come here you won't be disappointed”

Debbie T – Sherman Oaks, CA

“Don't waste anymore time these guys are great, solar panels are great, and no electric bill is GRRREAT!! The customer service and helpfulness of the staff here at Ground Up Builders is superb!!”

Morin Z – Los Angeles, CA

“Love them! I was referred to them by a friend and am so happy I never have to look for another contractor again. Very professional team, were able to answer all of my questions very kindly and professionally. They are very educated and certified in anything that has to do with energy efficiency products and solar. Give them a chance and you won't regret it.”

Kelsey M – Canoga Park, CA

“I am so mad at myself for waiting so long to jump on the solar trend! I could've been saving all the money I wasted on my electric bill for years!  I finally got around to getting solar panels and the Crew at Ground Up Builders made it a pain free process, they were very helpful and displayed top shelf customer service. Best of all I have no more electric bill. Don't wait like I did,  you'll kick yourself later.”

Brennan D – Los Angeles, CA

“I came to ground up builders when I heard all the buzz about solar panels and they were very helpful and informative. Their customer service was so excellent I got the solar panels installed and now I have no electric bill!!  I am just mad I waited so long to do this!!  Come to these guys they are great!!!”

Gee M – Los Angeles, CA

“Made the switch and decided to go Solar. After doing some research in the area, i decided to give Ground Up Builders a call. Uzi works hard to get your questions answered and anything else you may need. I was very impressed with the service and the pricing from him and his company that I have referred them to friends, neighbors, and anyone else looking to GO GREEN!”

Keith G – Santa Maria, CA

“We had solar panels installed to save on our electric bill.  We are very happy with service we received by Gregg and the Ground up Builders company.  It was only six weeks from the day we signed up til we were up and running.  They did everything e-contracting, permits, installation and all very professional and reliable.  They called every week with updates about the status of the project. We would highly recommend this company to everyone.”

Johnny S – Palmdale, CA

“Ground up builders did a magnificent job on the installation of a new roof, insulation, and solar panels on our house. The workers were very professional, cleaned up the trash from the roof. My wife and i were very pleased with all the workers attitude and politeness. Gregg ledergerber kept us informed of what to expect. Very good experience with working with this company. Would use them again with no hesitation. Thanks again John S. “

Mr S. – Fontana, CA

“WOW!!!! What a great experience. I had Ground Up add solar panels to my existing system. The process was much smoother and faster then I had with the other company. Dan my sales contact is outstanding stood by me all the way through the process. If you choose Ground Up you will be nothing but satisfied. Thanks again Dan and the ground up team.”

David M – Beverly Hills, CA

“I spoke with several solar companies before deciding to go with Ground Up Builders. I recommend them to anyone looking for a great solar system experience. Since my system has been installed, I haven't had an electric bill higher than $WOW - and that's been through some pretty hot times with AC working hard. I am completely happy with the system and the whole purchase installation process. Can't complain!!”

Sherman C – Los Angeles, CA

“Ground Up Builders was an absolute treat to work with. I called the owner Uzi, and he helped me understand exactly what I needed done. I didn't know anything about solar before the call, now I feel like an expert. They installed the solar panels on the house roof, helped me get the rebates from ladwp and i am paying now a bill that is half from what i used to pay ladwp. I am very happy with the new bill and with Ground Up Builders.”

Arnold L – Los Angeles, CA

“In the purchase of our Solar power system we were impressed with Ground Up Builders professionalism. Prior to the installation there team (Uzi as well) assessed our electrical requirements and surveyed our home to determine the optimum positioning of the solar equipment. During installation the installers explained to us the procedures that were going to occur.

They were well prepared + careful to not damage our landscape and cleaned up immediately after each procedure was done. After the installation was completed they explained the systems operation and procedure for the utility company to switch the system on.

We have been extremely happy with our new solar. We have had no call backs and the system has operated 100% to our satisfaction. Overall the experience met our expectations! My wife and I could't be happier!”

Phyllis J – Santa Maria, CA

“Very happy with the installation of the solar system I had installed by Ground Up Builders. The crew was very professional. Answered all my question when asked.

Received consistent updates about everything that was going on. Always had someone to call if I had a question. Everyone involved was very nice. I would recommend Ground Up Builders to my family and friends. Thank you again.”

J.A. – Hidden Hills, CA

“My husband and I decided to look In to getting solar panels since we were paying an arm and a leg for our power bill every 2 months.  We had about 3 or 4 companies come out and pitch to us how much we would save and all the other facts.   When Uzi came to make his presentation, he was more clear and realistic than any other company.   They worked with our finances and got us all set up!    I highly  recommend using this company for your solar or at least having them come out to enlighten you! But, only if u want to $ave!”