With ample amounts of sunshine throughout the area, solar panels in Victorville are a great way to help you cut costs and start saving money for something else. California gets more sun than any other state throughout the country, which is why so many people are using the power of the sun to their advantage. When you have such a readily available way to save money, you might as well take advantage of it. If you are interested in saving more than $200 on your energy bill each month, check out what this San Bernardino County homeowner did.

Olivia’s Story

It had been years since Olivia had been able to afford a different vehicle. Even though she worked hard and had steady income, she just wasn’t in a position to add another payment to her monthly bills. As much as she could use a new vehicle, it just wasn’t in the cards for her. Until the day one of her friends told her about solar panels in Victorville. To think that something so simple could be the answer she needed seemed a little far-fetched to say the least. Yet, she put in a call to us at Ground Up Builders anyway.

We spent some time going over the specifics with her in terms of how home solar systems worked, what she could expect to spend on a new unit, the total amount of money she could save and much more. Our goal was to make sure she understood everything about the process and was comfortable with everything. She quickly agreed to have us install the new solar panels in Victorville. We went to work and got everything up and running for her as quickly as we could.

It has been a few months since having them installed, but Olivia has already enjoyed a reduction in her monthly energy bill of over $200 each month. She figures she will be able to get a new vehicle before the end of the year. Solar energy has truly changed her life and how she looks at the sun now.

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