Having a solar system in Los Angeles installed in your California home could be the difference between saving upwards of $400 or more on your energy bill each month. This area gets far more sun than anywhere else in the US, which makes it a great location for being able to capture the power of the sun and start savings money. Depending on what system you have installed on your home, it could be the difference between reducing your energy bill by six kilowatts per day or more. Find out how one of these rooftop systems helped this Los Angeles County homeowner in their time of need.

Nathan’s Story

Nathan had worked for the same company for the past 25 years. Everything seemed great, until one day when his hours got cut and he was reduced to 30 hours per week from his standard 40. That 10 hours made a huge difference in his monthly pay. He went from being able to save money each month to making ends meet. Nathan knew he needed to make a change and fast. That’s when he called us at Ground Up Builders to see what could be done with his energy bill.

Since he was paying close to $1,000 per month on his energy bill, he knew this was the perfect place to start saving. Our team went over everything with him and figured out how much money he could save every month with a solar system in Los Angeles installed on his home. Once he understood what it was going to do for him, he asked us to get started right away.

After installing his new system and helping him take advantage of all the different incentives and rebates out there for him, he was able to cut his energy bill in half. That difference has allowed him to still save money and enjoy being able to have a little extra time with his family each week. All-in-all, this was one of the best moves he made for his home and his finances in general.

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