Solar energy in Valencia is one of the best moves any homeowner can make. With average savings of $150 per month and 30% more sun than anywhere else, it makes sense to invest in a new rooftop system for your home. This is even truer if you are adamant about being able to save the environment and do your part to reduce your carbon footprint. Check out this Los Angeles County homeowner’s story below.

Amanda’s Story

For as long as she could remember, Amanda was always doing everything she could to save the planet. She recycled, walked to work and turned the lights off whenever she wasn’t in a room. While she was doing a lot of different things to help save the environment, it didn’t seem like enough. She wanted to do more. When she first heard about solar energy, she was excited to say the least. That’s when she made the call to our team at Ground Up Builders to go over some of the options available to her.

While she knew it was going to help save her money, she had no idea just how much of a positive impact solar energy in Valencia was going to make for the environment. With the US being the second highest producer of carbon dioxide emissions, she wanted to do whatever she could to do her part. We spent time going over everything with Amanda to make sure she got just the right system for her home. Not only did we want to help her save money, but we also wanted to help her reduce her carbon footprint because we knew how important that was to her.

By replacing traditional energy from her regular provider, she has turned her home into a green home and is enjoying her newfound savings. Just one solar system in Valencia can help to offset around 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide over a 20-year timeframe. That’s the equivalent of driving your vehicle for 100,000 miles.

If one system is capable of doing that, just think how much of a difference it could make if more Los Angeles County residents made the switch to solar energy. Contact our team of solar installers to learn more about having panels installed on your home today.

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