Ground Up Builders works to create solar panel systems in San Marino that bring in about six kilowatt hours of energy per day. This adds up to an average savings of 180 kilowatts, which can make a huge difference on your electricity bill. Each month, homes can save as much as $160 on their bill just by using solar panels around their home. Sunlight is one of the most practical sources of energy, especially if you live in California. Your home is exposed to hours of sunlight, making panels a wise investment.

Getting a new panel system installed in your home has never been easier. The process starts with a visit from a Ground Up Builders technician, who will assess the amount of shade around your home. We will also take a look at your home's layout and structure, which gives us a better idea of how to place your panels. Our goal is to help you find the most efficient locations to gather sunlight, thus bringing you a more powerful, customized solution that gives you the most for your money.

After we have completed our initial inspection and have gotten a better idea of your home's needs, we can start installing your unit. This step is the easiest one for the homeowner, as our technicians work to cover every detail from gathering permits to testing the equipment. We understand the importance of the small details, especially when it comes to working with the local government to get the right permit. Let us handle all of these important steps for you.

Getting a new solar panel system in San Marino is an easy way to get more energy while saving money. At Ground Up Builders, we know the importance of installing your unit as quickly as possible. The faster you have your unit, the faster you can start saving money. Don't worry; our quick installation service never sacrifices quality for speed. You will be able to get a professionally-installed, high-quality system installed very fast when you choose our company.

Almost any home can benefit from the addition of rooftop panels, regardless of size. Ground Up Builders helps you get the panels you need to improve energy efficiency in your home. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your unit. We even help you get special rebates and refunds to save you money. Let us help you with your home energy needs.

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