Many homeowners opt for solar panels in Lake Elsinore due to all of the benefits they provide. After all, when you get as much sun as what you do in California, it makes sense to use something that allows you to capture the sun and turn it into something that you can use for your home. In doing so, you can help reduce your total energy bills by anywhere from $150 or more each month. But, a home solar system goes beyond that. Check out this Riverside County homeowner and what they have been able to do with their new panels.

John’s Story

For John, he was always looking for ways to go green. He started by switching to an electric car and taking his bike to work as much as possible to help reduce the amount of emissions he was putting into the air. Then, he started figuring out ways that he could go green inside of his home. Even though he was making small changes, he wanted to do something more. That’s when John contacted our team at Ground Up Builders to see what we could do to help him reduce his carbon footprint.

We went over the different solar panels in Lake Elsinore that were available for his home and told him how much of a difference the panels were going to make for his carbon footprint. Once he realized how much of a difference panels were going to make, he asked us to get them installed as quickly as we could. Our team of installers came in and got to work for John. Not only did we want to help him save money, but we wanted to help him reach his dream of reducing his carbon footprint and going green.

Now, he is enjoying saving $300 every month on his energy bill and has completed his mission of making his home into a green home. John continues to find ways that he can save the planet in every facet of his life. We were just happy to be a part of his process of going green and providing him with one of the tools he needed to reach his goals.

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