Anyone looking for a low-maintenance addition to their home should check into solar panels in Los Angeles. Not only can you enjoy savings of more than $150 on your monthly energy bill, but you can also eliminate having to spend a small fortune on maintenance for the new addition to your home. If you want to find out more about this hassle-free option, check out this Los Angeles County homeowner’s story below.

Madison’s Story

As a single woman in her 20s, Madison didn’t have the time or skillset to handle a bunch of repairs around her home. While she could always call on professionals to come in and get the job done for her, she was tired of spending out so much money on components that never seemed to work right in the first place. She was interested in finding something that helped her save money and prevented her from being hit with one repair bill after another.

Madison started looking for different solutions that would help her cut down on her monthly expenses without adding even more repair bills into the mix. When she saw a commercial for solar energy on television, she started doing some research and stumbled upon our team at Ground Up Builders. We knew how important it was for Madison to have solar panels in Los Angeles that were going to help her save money and prevent repairs.

One of the best parts about our new solar energy systems is that she doesn’t have to worry about a thing. These panels are extremely easy to use and don’t require a ton of maintenance like some of the other components inside of your home. Since having her new rooftop system installed, she has noticed a savings of close to $200 on her monthly energy bill, not to mention she hasn’t had to worry about having us come out to her home to perform any maintenance on the unit thus far. Madison can enjoy using her new home solar system knowing that she isn’t going to get hit with a hefty repair bill every month. It’s the peace of mind she was looking for all along.

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