Because of all the warm weather in Riverside County, installing a home solar system in Palm Springs makes sense. Homeowners can easily take advantage of all the sun the area has to offer with one of these systems and watch as their home energy bill goes down by more than $150 per month. Not only could you be saving as much as $1,900 every year on your energy bill, but you could also be on the path to energy independence just like Jenny. Read more about her story below.

Jenny’s Story

Jenny had always been a very independent woman. She made her own way and didn’t rely on anyone for the things she needed. When her energy went out in the middle of a storm, that frustrated her. She was tired of having to wait for the energy company to come out and fix the problem for her to have energy. Jenny wanted an answer that was simple and effective. That’s when she started looking into a home solar system in Palm Springs.

When Jenny contacted our team at Ground Up Builders, she discussed what she was hoping to do and asked us how we could help. That’s when we started discussing some of the different systems out there and what each one had to offer her. We went out and assessed her property to determine what panels were in her best interest. Once we had a plan of action, we went to work getting Jenny’s new system installed for her. We ended up installing both raised and flat panels on her composite shingle roof in Palm Springs.

Once we got everything set up for Jenny, she was able to start taking advantage of the savings right away. She is now able to store as much as six kilowatts per day of energy, thus reducing her energy bill substantially. In the event the power does go out, Jenny has her solar energy system in Palm Springs to give her the power she needs until the energy company can get the power restored. She no long has to depend on someone else to power her home because she has a rooftop system that is giving her the power she needs right when she needs it the most.

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