Having solar panels in Compton could be just the answer you need to putting more money in your pocket each month. Since the area tends to get a significant amount of sun on a regular basis, it makes sense to start using the sun to generate energy for your home and get money back in your pocket. What many people don’t realize is that a rooftop system could actually pay you money every year. Check out how this Los Angeles County homeowner is benefiting from having panels installed on his home.

Richard’s Story

Richard worked hard to make sure he always had money to make ends meet, but he wanted something more. He wanted a way to put more money in his pocket and stop paying more than he needed to for his energy bill. When one of his co-workers told him about how the energy company was paying him to sell energy back to them, he was intrigued. This sounded like what he was looking for, so he put in a call to us at Ground Up Builders.

We analyzed his home to determine how many panels he needed installed to start cutting his energy bill down and helping him store excess energy that he could sell back to his energy provided. Once we had a plan in action, we went to work getting everything up and running for him. Now, Richard is able to enjoy an extremely low energy bill and is on track to receive a check from the energy company at the end of the year. His expected rebate check should be around $500 for the year, which is great because that is free money back to Richard just for having a solar system in Compton installed.

Instead of losing money on an investment, Richard is going to be making money at the end of the year. It doesn’t get much better than that. If you are interested in getting a rebate check like Richard, check into having panels installed on your home today and enjoy all of the benefits they bring.

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