Solar panels in Hot Springs are on the rise. When you get more sun in California than anywhere else in the United States, it makes sense that many of the local homeowners are beginning to harness the power of the sun and use it to their advantage. A rooftop system could be the key to helping you store anywhere from five to six kilowatts per day, if not more. If you could save more than $300 per month on your energy bill each month from having one of these systems installed, why wouldn’t you? Learn more about this Tulare County homeowners journey to solar energy below.

Nick’s Story

Nick first heard about solar energy when his brother had panels installed on his home. Even though his brother was saving money on his energy bill each month, Nick was still skeptical because he was having to pay for the cost of the system itself. It didn’t exactly make sense for Nick to replace one bill with another. While his brother tried to explain everything to him, it didn’t matter. Because he got tired of listening to him brag about all the benefits of solar energy, Nick decided to call into our team at Ground Up Builders just to go over a few things with him.

Once we explained the rebates and incentives and just how affordable the monthly payments were, Nick made the decision to go ahead and have solar panels in Hot Springs installed. Now, Nick is able to enjoy saving $300 each month, even when you factor in his payment on his new panels. He also saved close to half on the total cost of the system itself because of all the different rebates we helped him out with. When his system is paid off, he will be saving even more.

We estimate that Nick will have his system paid off and enjoying even more benefits in less than 10 years. In the meantime, he still gets to enjoy the extra $300 per month he has right now. Needless to say, his brother is glad he finally made the switch to solar energy and so is Nick.

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