Home solar systems in El Monte are an excellent investment. With 23 percent more sun here than anywhere else, it makes sense to install a product that can help you begin harnessing the power of the sun and using it to your advantage. Each month you could be storing around 200 kilowatts of energy, helping to cut your energy bill by around $150 or more each month. When you get savings like that, there is no reason why you should wait around on getting one of these systems installed in your Los Angeles County home.

Amy’s Story

After having her hours cut at work, Amy began looking for something that could help her cut down on her monthly expenses. She needed something that was going to take place right away. There was no way she could wait a few months to start seeing the results of her efforts. When she was first told about having a home solar system in El Monte installed, she thought there was no way she could make that work for her. However, she decided to look into it anyway and see what it was all about.

That’s when Amy made the call to our team at Ground Up Builders. We started talking about the different rooftop systems and what all they could do for her. After going through the specifics of how much a system cost versus how much she was going to save on her energy bill, she quickly learned just how beneficial one of these units was going to be for her.

We went to work right away installing her new home solar system in El Monte. It didn’t take us long at all to have everything installed and up and running for her. Once she began using her new panels, she was able to start enjoying the savings right away. The very first month she was able to save almost $250 on her energy bill. Having a new solar system installed on her home was the answer she needed to put an end up her financial worries. Now, she can enjoy the savings and relish in her extra free time.

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