Residents of Alta Loma get to enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine each year, which is why solar system installations in the city are on the rise. Because of all the sunshine available, going solar in California makes sense. In fact, residents here get 20% more sunshine than anywhere else, allowing them to enjoy ample energy savings with their new solar panel installation.

California Home Goes Green with Solar Panel Installation

Before the Alta Loma solar system could be installed, our team of professionals had to examine the roof to determine where to place the panels. We collected site information such as the floor plan of the home and the lot, the shape of the roof, roofing materials used, design of the roof, electric panel capacity, spacing in the roof rafters, a shading report and much more. This particular project involved an inclined composite shingle roof. After doing the inspection, we developed a plan to optimize solar power production and keep in line with all of the existing elements in place.
As you can see from the photos, there was a large area where it was open enough for the installation team to come in and install the new panels. This large expanse provided ample space to secure the rooftop solar panels needed to power up this home and give the homeowner the capacity to store energy and begin cutting energy bills significantly. 
Now that the homeowner has a home solar system in their San Bernardino County home, they are enjoying saving hundreds of dollars each year. Beyond being better for the environment, the financial savings were well worth having the solar panels installed. The process was simple and didn’t involve a lot of work on the homeowner’s end. All of the paperwork and permits were taken care of by us, letting the homeowner sit back and watch while the home was transformed.

Solar Energy in San Bernardino County

The county has a number of incentive programs to help defray the cost of a home solar system. Instead of dealing with the tiered electric rates, the homeowner is enjoying lower energy bills and offsetting part of their energy bill all with the help of a rooftop home solar energy system in their home. 


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