Because of all the sun that California receives, many homeowners turn to solar panels in Sun Valley as a way to help defray some of their energy bills. This is especially true when you are spending more than $1,000 per month on your energy bill alone. Why not start taking advantage of the natural resources around you with the help of a rooftop system on your home? If you are interested in learning more about solar energy, check out this Los Angeles County story below.

Chris’s Story

As an accountant, Chris was fascinated by numbers. To him, there was always a way to do better and save more. However, it seemed like nothing he did could defray the cost of his energy bill on his own. He knew he needed to enlist the help of someone who could take things to the next level and help him reduce the amount of money he was spending each month. Chris put in a call to our team at Ground Up Builders and asked us what we could do for him. He wanted to know more about solar energy and see if it was the solution he was looking for.

We sent out one of our team members to assess his property and go over everything with him. After spending some time going over the numbers, Chris knew that installing solar panels in Sun Valley was going to be the best solution for him. Our team went to work quickly to get everything set up so Chris could start enjoying his new panels.

It wasn’t long before he noticed his energy bill going down. Now, he enjoys a savings of almost $500 per month, which is huge considering he didn’t do anything other than have us come in and install a new system for him. Considering his system stores about seven kilowatts of energy each day, he can enjoy knowing that he is storing more than 200 kilowatts of energy every month just because he had us come out and install a new home solar system for him. Now, those are numbers that Chris can truly enjoy living with.

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