California tends to get more sun than anywhere else in the United States, which is why many are turning to a rooftop solar system in Los Angeles to help cut down on energy costs. These systems could help you save anywhere from six kilowatt hours or more each day on your energy bill. Over the course of the month, you could find yourself saving upwards of $300 all by just having one of these units installed. But, they go beyond that as well. Check out this Los Angeles County homeowners story for why they switched to solar energy.

David’s Story

David was someone who was always looking for ways to be more energy-efficient. He made the switch to an electric car, started growing his own fruits and vegetables in his greenhouse and started using smart appliances around his home. But, he wanted to do more than that. David was looking for something that made more of an impact on the environment and his home. When he seen our team at Ground Up Builders in the area installing a rooftop solar system in Los Angeles, he thought that might be the answer he needed.

He called our team to find out more information. We sent our installers out to go over everything with David and see whether a system was going to benefit him or not. Our team designed a layout for how to maximize energy consumption and store the maximum amount possible from the sun. Once we told David how much he was going to save and how beneficial it would be to the environment, he asked us to get started right away.

Now that he has his new rooftop solar system in Los Angeles installed, he is able to save around $400 each month on his energy bill. He also doesn’t have to worry about damaging the environment with a large carbon footprint. His new panels helped him go green and reduce his monthly expenses all at the same time. If you want to go green and reduce your carbon footprint, check into having these panels installed today.

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