Ground Up Builders is a sun-friendly team that strives to create solar systems in Glendale that capture over six kilowatt hours of energy every day, allowing homeowners to save about 180 kilowatts of energy each month. This can be a great way to save nearly $160 per month on energy bills. Using the sun to your advantage is very practical, especially if you live in sunny California. Imagine how much this can save your home over the course of time. Use this quick installation guide to learn more about solar panel systems.

Getting started is very easy. Professional solar installers start by visiting your home and assessing your property. The installers use this value to figure out how much shade you have on and around your home. Layout and yard size can affect how effective solar energy in Glendale can be. This also helps the technicians determine the best places to put your new panels. They will then come up with a layout that not only flows well with your home, but helps maximize your energy savings at all times.

After figuring out the best panel placement for the system, technicians will set up an appointment to get the equipment up and running. The installation process is a breeze, especially since technicians handle all of the permits you need for your area. You can be sure that you are in compliance with local building codes. This helps to save you time and makes the entire process worry-free. Let us handle all of the small details.

The goal of getting a new solar system in Glendale is to improve the efficiency of your home. It all starts with a quick and hassle-free installation. While speed is the key to success, we also understand the importance of having installers willing to go the extra mile for homeowners. They work to the best of their ability to help save you money and make the entire process smoother and easier.

It doesn't matter how big or small your home is; you can benefit from having a system installed. Installations work around any budget and are flexible enough to meet your needs. Our company strives to make sure that your needs are always met. We don't want to improve efficiency by straining your finances. Instead, we find special rebates and government incentives that can curb the cost of your investment. Let us be your full-service energy provider in California.

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