Investing in a solar system in Pearblossom is one of the best moves you can make for your home. With 38% more sun here than the rest of the country, there is a lot of solar energy available for you to harness and put to use. Depending on how much energy you use every month, you could save more than $160 each month. A solar system in Pearblossom is 89.4% more cost-effective here than it is anywhere else. If you are ready to begin saving and experiencing the power of solar energy, check out the recent installation we did on this Los Angeles County home.

Rick’s Story

With summer temperatures soaring above 100 degrees, Rick was always having to turn the air conditioner up just to try and keep it cool enough inside of the house. It seemed like his A/C unit was constantly running in an attempt to try to keep the home at a bearable temperature. Because of this, his energy bills were well over $600 during the summer months. Even though his bills were ridiculously high, he knew he couldn’t turn his air conditioner off during the summer. It was then that he started looking for alternatives.

When he stumbled upon Ground Up Builders website, he wondered if that might be the answer he was looking for. He then made the call to our office and spoke with one of our solar professionals. The more we discussed what our systems had to offer and how they could benefit him, the more Rick was intrigued and wanted to learn more. After going back and forth on the phone, we came out and did an assessment of the property to determine which panels were going to work the best for him.

He ended up choosing the flat panel system you see installed today. It has helped Rick cut his energy bills by close to $200 each month. When you factor in the amount of energy his new solar system in Pearblossom is able to store, it was one of the best moves he ever made. Even with factoring in the cost of his new system, he is still coming out ahead. Because we saved him money with his rooftop system, he doesn’t have to worry about running his air conditioner any longer.

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