By having a solar system in Newhall, you could end up saving more than $150 per month on your energy bill alone. When you get 29% more sun here than other parts of the country, a home solar system is definitely something you want to look into. These systems can store about six kilowatts of energy every day. This can help to reduce the average energy bill of 550 kilowatts per month substantially. If you are ready to begin saving on your energy bill each month, consider doing what this Los Angeles County homeowner did and switch to solar energy.

Sandy's Story

In Sandy’s case, she was spending more than $500 per month on her energy bill during the summer. While it did go down in the winter, she was still spending more than $300. She was looking for something that could help her cut down on her energy bill without having to sacrifice her air conditioner usage. It was then that she heard about getting a solar system in Newhall installed.

Her friend had a system installed and was saving about $150 every month on her bill. Sandy figured she had nothing to lose by contacting our team at Ground Up Builders to go over the systems and what they could do for her. We came out to her home and performed an assessment of the property and went over our design for how we were going to lay out the system and what the installation process was like. After discussing it with her, Sandy decided to go ahead with one of the home solar systems and scheduled the installation.

Our solar installers came out and got to work on installing her new system right away. Once we got everything done and connected, she was able to start harnessing the power of the sun and saving money. Because of her new solar system in Newhall, she has been able to save on her energy bill and invest her money elsewhere. Having us install a new system for her Los Angeles County home was one of the best moves she ever made. She gets to enjoy saving money and using her air conditioning system like she always did, except now she doesn’t have to worry about the high cost on her energy bill each month.

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