Many people don’t realize just how beneficial a home solar system in Los Angeles really is. They often overlook all of the different perks that come with having one installed. All they see is the initial cost. However, there is far more to one of these systems than what you see from the beginning. Check out how this Los Angeles County homeowner broke things down for his home.

Russ’s Story

Russ had worked as a CPA for the past 25 years. Because of this, he was big on numbers and always looking for ways to make the most out of his earnings. He had made improvements over the years to his home, but they weren’t giving him the big savings he wanted. Russ first heard about a home solar system in Los Angeles from one of his friends. As they talked about the system, Russ got more and more interested. His utility bill was running him about $1,200 per month right now. If he could find a way to cut that bill down, it would save him immensely.

He put in a call to us at Ground Up Builders to see what we could do for him. Our team spent time going over all of the options and discussing the different incentives and rebates out there for him. When he found out that he could save upwards of $500 each month with the help of a new system, he made the decision to have one installed as quickly as possible.

Not only does Russ enjoy an energy bill of about half what he used to pay, but he got to take advantage of a number of different incentives and rebates available to California homeowners that helped him cut the total cost of his new system in half. When all is said and done, the numbers are definitely adding up for Russ and the savings are only going to continue growing as time passes by and the system is paid off. He estimates that his new home solar system in Los Angeles will end up paying for itself in less than five years.

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