With 30% more sun in this city than anywhere else, solar panels in Tujunga are a great investment. Installing a system in Los Angeles County can help you save as much as $153 each month on your energy bill. A professional solar energy system can store as much as six kilowatt hours per day, thus helping you save significantly on the cost of your energy from your regular provider. If you are ready to save money and boost the value of your home, you are in the right place.

Erin’s Story

Erin was looking to retire in the next five years and wanted to make sure she was able to sell her home and get enough money out of it to retire comfortably and move to another area closer to her family. Because of this, she was looking at ways to increase the value of her home. She started making small changes to the exterior and interior of her home, but she was looking for more. It wasn’t about just increasing the value of her home, she also wanted to make changes that were going to appeal to buyers and make more people want to buy her home.

It was then that Erin contacted our team at Ground Up Builders to discuss the different options available to her. We went over some of the different panels and how much each one ran in terms of total cost and monthly cost. Once she had a chance to look over some of the different layouts and prices, she settled on a new system for her home.

When she does go to sell her home, her new solar panels in Tujunga will help attract more buyers to the home. The best part of all is that the buyer will get to enjoy lower energy costs for years to come. In the meantime, she gets to take advantage of the savings while she is still in the home. With the average sale price increasing by $17,000 just for having a rooftop system installed, Erin will come out ahead in the end when she goes to sell her home. She can also take advantage of all the different incentives and rebates that are available to her right now, allowing her to cut the cost of her new panels in half.

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