Anyone looking to boost the value of their home should consider investing in solar panels in Fullerton. When you live in a city that gets 22 percent more sun than other parts of the country, you want to be able to take advantage of that sun with something that is going to pay you back. Instead of investing in something that is only going to give you a few bucks back on your investment, you can enjoy saving thousands with panels installed on your roof. Check out this recent installation in Orange County.

Mandy’s Story

Mandy had always planned on being able to sell her home once the kids moved out and she retired. She wanted to downsize and live in something a little more affordable. Because she was planning ahead for what was going to come in the next few years, she started making small changes to her home to boost resale value. However, it wasn’t enough. She wanted to make sure she got the most she could out of her property. When she first looked into a solar system in Fullerton, she wasn’t sure if it was right for her or not.

Still, she contacted us at Ground Up Builders to discuss her options. We explained all of the different incentives and rebates available, the monthly cost for her new panels, how much she was going to save now and that she could transfer everything over to the new owners when she sells the home. Not only does Mandy get to enjoy the savings now on her energy bills, but the value of her home went up by the thousands just for having the rooftop system installed.

When she goes to sell her home in the next five years, the new homeowner can take over the payments and receive the rebate checks from the energy company in their own name. It was a win-win situation for Mandy now and when she is ready to sell. She saves around $250 every month on her energy bill now and her home was appraised at $15,000 more than what it was before the system was installed.

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